Stain Removal


Stain removal from carpets and upholstery is often a science. We use market leading cleaning products to help remove the most common domestic stains from carpets, sofas and upholstery. We often get asked to remove stains like tea, coffee and wine which our amazing products can tackle head on.

As part of our service we offer an amazing post-treatment Stain Guard protection, applied after the cleaning process. Our Stain Guard is a professional treatment that prevents stains from soaking into your carpet and upholstery, giving you time to blot the stain away.

Please mention Stain Guard protection if you would like to know more and we can include it in your quote.

We do supply an after clean Professional Stain Remover that is an ideal and effective way of spot removing water based stains and food spillages. Please ask our team about getting yours today.

We advise all our customers that we are unable to guarantee the removal of every or all stains.